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    Visually powerful state-of-art Playbooks to handle incidents. Used by analysts in 60+ countries.

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Why FlexibleIR?

Flexible IR is an Incident Response system providing vendor agnostic process based Playbooks. The playbooks are also used in developing core Incident Response skills. Expert analysts can easily create Playbooks in minutes using our simple interfaces with no rampup required.

FlexibleIR allows analysts to coordinate unknown and large-scale breaches/incidents. At the core of the system is the single pane Kanban board, which displays real-time information such as incident tasks, status, strategies and indicators of compromise (IOCs). Automation and Machine Learning applied on low regret tasks. Planned IR skill development using - Needle365.com

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Key Features

cyber drill
State of art Playbooks

Understandable and easy baseline Playbooks to handle incidents. Playbooks meeting Compliance Requirements. Evolving Playbooks using Symbolic AI system integration. The Playbooks can be customised to your specific environment and security analyst. Expert audit of Playbooks.

Needle365.com - IR skills

Easily coach the less experienced members of the team in threat hunting and incident response topics. Simulate adversary use cases and practise. Plan skill development for your analysts. Move towards critical 1-10-60 rule for Incident response.

Analytics & Observability

Insights on how each task in a incident has been handled. Categorisation and similarity analysis of Incidents. Prometheus reports as required for IR compliance.

What's New

Flexible IR presented at the First.org OSAKA Technical Colloquia, Japan on Friday, 16 March,2018.
Please click to check out the program "A new innovative system to handle an Incident in an organized and guided way"

Excellant product validations received during FlexibleIR showcase at the RSA conference 2019 & 2020 , San Francisco.


Playbooks and Usecases using Kanban boards

An incident management system running on kanban boards (like Trello) to time every task during incident handling. This defines our vision of Incident Response = Content + Structure + Knowledge. As per IACD pilot - Simple counts and time calculations can be powerful. This is at the core of Kanban boards provided by our system. Incident handlers who are in single and different geographies can easily collaborate.


The system enables Clear,Timely, Actionable and Responsible communication which is critically required during a major incident.

mitre attack gap analysis
Defence GAP analysis

With every incident handled the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures are marked on the Mitre Att&ck matrix. The gaps on TTPs are marked for practise.

case siem incident
Realtime information at a glance

All the information related to a Incident are visually seen across teams and geographies. Each task in an incident is tracked, timed and analysed for optimisation.

inident case card details
Efficient Task Management

Tasks are assigned to the right owners and timed. Automation scripts can be executed for each task. All responder activities on the Kanban boards captured.

  • Security lead at Yahoo

    Yahoo - YDoD, Freecharge

    Really love the concept of FRIR for DFIR!!. The system is easy to use. Understandable.

  • Security manager at Swiggy

    GE, Swiggy, Treebo

    Structured way of handling incidents helps a lot. Liked the time estimate feature for each command.

  • Incident Reponse Team

    Major Global Bank

    Flexibleir is an incident response platform which can be used for incident response, war room, red teaming solution. This is a good product for incident response & with a visionary roadmap and also open for customization as per requirement.

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