Your experts can create vendor agnostic process driven Playbooks in minutes. No Rampup.
    Challenge: Successful Customer Implementation of SOAR Solutions can be Delayed for Years
    Playbooks form the connection between an organization’s policies and procedures with an SOAR vendor’s capabilities. Playbooks can bridge this gap by showing how an SOAR vendor is able to satisfy a client’s policy and procedure requirements through repeatable and auditable processes, with points where security automation can be implemented.

Pilot & Get ready for SOAR

First - FlexibleIR compliments a SOAR solution. Our recommended approach is to first design all your playbooks on Kanban boards, know the tasks well, profile them and run them manually. Then selectively move to automation using your selected SOAR solution.

FlexibleIR enables Enterprises to Pilot the SOAR adoptions. It gives a simple system for experts in every enterprise to create playbooks in minutes. Automation based on IACD Framework pulls and responds to intelligence based on their SOPs(Bring your own Enterprise).
IACD recommends enterprises to use the below strategy for succesfull SOAR implmentations.

As per IACD pilot - Simple counts and time calculations can be powerful. This is at the core of Kanban boards provided by our system.

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