Challenges faced by Incident response teams.

Organizations have developed incident response processes for their business lines. During an actual business critical Incident, handlers from single and different geographies working in a collaborative and coherent way is a big challenge.

During an actual business critical Incident, there is no time to record the series of events. Tracking who does what task and why is a big challenge during and post an incident.

One of the main struggle for organizations is also on managing good Runbooks or Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs). It is important to have Pre defined Runbooks for common category or type of incidents. The 3 main challenges are preparation, updation and audit of the Runbooks.

Organisations have problems on identifying who is the owner of the Runbooks. Who authorises these Runbooks. How the Runbook gets authorised is also a key problem. Updation and version management of the Runbooks are bigger challenges.

The Runbooks/SOPs reside in the brains of the analysts and often it gets difficult to put this in their knowledge management systems. The processes are often implemented manually and managed through spreadsheets or homegrown solutions. As a result, valuable time and resources are spent tracking incidents rather than resolving them.

When simple incidents turn into business interruptions or crisis events, they have the potential to cause serious harm to your organization’s operations, compliance capabilities, finances, and reputation.

Flexible IR continuous innovation strategy.

Regular interviews with on-ground incident handlers, developments at and IACD form core inputs to our product roadmap.


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