Our Playbooks are shareable, tool agnostic and process focused. They describe what to do.
    Flexible IR moving towards a grey market for community driven Playbooks.
    The Grand Vision for Playbooks: Organizations wouldn’t need to create their own playbooks (although certainly welcome to). But rather there would be a community repository for playbooks that organizations can pull from and tailor to meet their needs. New playbooks and updates to existing ones would be community-driven. Leverage the community to handle harder issues.

Shareable and tool agnostic Playbooks

FlexibleIR Playbooks are process oriented describing what tasks to do. Each task becomes a card on the Kanban boards and can be granularly analysed. Each task will have owner, average time consumed, flags like mandatory or optional, compliance mappings, checklists, comments and subtasks. Playbooks are process focused and do NOT show logic – that’s where workflows come into play.

The primary focus is for expert analysts to create playbooks within minutes and minimum rampup. Simple productivity tooks like trello boards and excel used. Also the playbook is designed for a human to read easily.

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Key Features

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Playbooks are key to help meet compliance requirements (e.g., “I keep failing these X security controls. Which playbooks can I use to help bridge the gap?”).

Smarter Buying from SOAR vendor

Playbooks help an organization identify where their gaps in capabilities are. Once identified, they can go to vendors to ask them specifically and clearly, “Does your product meet these needs?”

Documenting Dependencies

Playbooks can point to other parts of the organization (or maybe even other organizations) that they have a dependency on, and they need help. (e.g., “I keep failing this process! Oh, I see in my playbook that Joe, in the SOC, actually has an action here, but never does it. I’ll work to bridge that gap.”).

Multiple Playbooks per case

Playbooks can be broken down into multiple components. If so, it’s recommended to create a cover page listing the various components and an overview diagram showing how the pieces fit together.

Community Driven Playbooks

Workflows for broadcasting requirements for new Playbooks. All playbooks undergo an audit,testing and move to production flow.

Analytics & Observability

We provide insights on how each Playbook and the tasks have been timelined and used.

What's New

Flexible IR presented at the First.org OSAKA Technical Colloquia, Japan on Friday, 16 March.
Please click to check out the program "A new innovative system to handle an Incident in an organized and guided way"


IR transformation using Kanban boards

A complete incident management system running on kanban boards (like Trello) to time every task during incident handling. This defines our vision of Incident Response = Content + Structure. Incident handlers who are in single and different geographies can easily collaborate.

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latest post image

The system enables Clear,Timely, Actionable and Responsible communication which is critically required during a major incident.

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Defence GAP analysis

With every incident handled the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures are marked on the Mitre Att&ck matrix. The gaps on TTPs are marked for practise.

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Realtime information at a glance

All the information related to a Incident are visually seen across teams and geographies. Each task in an incident is tracked, timed and analysed for optimisation.

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Efficient Task Management

Tasks are assigned to the right owners and timed. Automation scripts can be executed for each task. All responder activities on the Kanban boards captured.

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Skill Matrix Periodic Table

The handlers simulate incidents, get points and move up the ladder. Every practise session is guaged based on Tools,Process and communication.

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Search & Practise IR drills

Search in VerisDB real incidents and then practise them on our platform. Score points based on each incident and how you handled them.

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Timelining every IR task

Each activity on the boards are captured and analysed.

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Internationalisation support

Each runbook can have multiple language support

  • Rajesh Raikar

    Yahoo - YDoD, Freecharge

    Really love the concept of FRIR for DFIR!!. The system is easy to use. Understandable.

  • Harish

    Swiggy, Treebo

    Structured way of handling incidents helps a lot. Liked the time estimate feature for each command.

  • Incident Reponse Team

    Major Global Bank

    Flexibleir is an incident response platform which can be used for incident response, war room, red teaming solution. This is a good product for incident response & with a visionary roadmap and also open for customization as per requirement.

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